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March 27, 2014

Two nights ago, I took full advantage of the fact that I was in Toronto and I went to Choir!Choir!Choir!  What’s that you might ask.   Well it’s basically ‘pick up’ choir.  You show up at a bar at the corner of College and Bathurst, pay your $5, get your lyric sheet, and you sing.

The bar went from almost empty at 7:15 pm to somewhere between 75 and 100 singers by 8:00ish.  Grouped by “L” (for low), “M” (middle) and “H” (high), everyone learns their parts and then when ready, the song is recorded and posted to YouTube.  It really is super fun.

As someone who spent my elementary and high school years singing in choirs, this event was my dream come true – an opportunity to sing without an audition or a commitment.  There was no pressure.  It was fantastic!  So a great big thank you to the women who were supportive of my evening activity suggestion – or rather for enthusiastically coming along.  The experience has me working to find more reasons to be in downtown Toronto on a Tuesday evening.  If you are interested – just say the word, cause I’m in.

Check out the video from my first Choir! Choir! Choir! night: – I’m in the back left corner.

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  1. lindai permalink

    What an interesting idea for a bar..

  2. Dwayne permalink

    very very cool!

  3. Darolyn permalink

    Love it! You’re such a choir geek:))

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