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the wedding party effect

March 31, 2014

You know that synergy and magic that happens when you are in someone’s wedding party?  Well I call that “the wedding party effect”.  Wedding parties are often made up of people from the couple’s various social circles, historical phases in life, relatives and friends from far and wide.  It’s rare that all people involved knew each other prior to the wedding that brought them all together.  But somehow on that day/weekend, everyone feels connected.  The wedding party is suddenly the best of friends having bonded in their common quest to make this wedding the best for the couple.   It’s this sense of instant and future connection that embodies ‘the wedding party effect’.

But this post is not about a recent wedding.  As promised, this post is about the workshop I was a part of last week.  I experienced the wedding party effect.  The workshop include a group of 25-30 people from across the country with a wide variety of occupations and life priorities.  Monday morning, as I scanned the room, I thought it was just a group of interesting people.  By Tuesday there were several I had talked to and gotten to know better.  And by Wednesday afternoon, I was surprisingly invested in many of those people.   Many others felt something similar as the wrap-up time went much beyond the 5-10 minutes allotted and the good-byeing and farewell’s dragged out.  Returning to real life and the daily activities of work and home, might have lessened that sense of connection and investment.  But today I found myself checking-in via e-mail with a 26 year old artist and deep thinker from Toronto, cause I wanted to make sure he feels supported as he figures out the next steps on his PATH.

When we open ourselves up to truly connecting with people and hearing their stories, to sharing experiences, and creating something together as a group; we can’t begin to predict the long-term impact it can have in our lives and who is in it.  That’s the wedding party effect – whether there is an actual wedding or not.


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