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April 11, 2014

When did you stop drawing?  Or maybe the more important question is: When did you stop believing you could draw?

Back in the day in Ontario, as you entered grade 9 you needed one arts credit and so the majority of people made a choice between taking either music, drama or art.  I took music.  And when faced with a situation that involves drawing, I am quick to tell people, “In high school I took music”, as I feel this should fully explain that I can’t and won’t draw.

But having been stretched over the past couple of weeks to draw and exposed to more situations that have required drawing something, I’ve been wondering: when did I stopped drawing?  What made me believe that I can’t draw?  What makes so many of us quick to say “I can’t draw” or “I’m not artistic”.  It makes no sense when the world of art is so wide and vast, it doesn’t seem to have many rules and just about anything can be considered “art”.

This link is to a video of a children’s book called “ish” by Peter H. Reynolds: .  It’s the story of a boy who is reminded that drawings don’t have to be perfect, instead as his sister Marisol says they can be “ish” – vaseish, houseish, treeish, you name it.

My recent observations on the value of graphic images and this book entitled “ish”, are causing me to stretch myself, doodle a bit more, be okay with ‘ish’ type results, and stop saying “I can’t draw”.  We can all draw, and really we never should have stopped.


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  1. I hadn’t heard this story before. I loved the line “thinking ishly allowed the ideas to flow”.

    • If you like “ish”, you might also like THE DOT (also by Peter H Reynolds). Here is the link:

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