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waiting for the right moment

April 13, 2014

Too many of us are waiting.  Waiting for what we think will be the right moment.  Waiting for something do be different before we do whatever it is we dream about doing.  We are waiting for things to settle down, for the kids to be older, for work to calm down, for the economy to recover, for the weather to cooperate, for our current commitments to end, for house to be cleaner or the whole in the ceiling to be fixed, for ….. (fill in the voice that is in your head has you read this).

But I think we all know the truth.  The truth is there will never be a right moment.  When whatever it is you just listed changes or goes away, there will be something else.  If you are waiting for the right moment or the right month or right year, you will never get there.  So instead stop waiting.  Instead decide if what you have been putting off or waiting to do is really something you want to do and then just make it happen.  But really – just stop waiting – life is too short.


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