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you can never have too much soap….

April 24, 2014

Years ago, I was shopping at Ikea with a diverse group of people.  The diversity of this group was related to their experience with candles.  Well maybe not really their experience with candles, but their interest and excitement about candles.  But back to the story, while shopping, two of the people were looking at the candles, deciding which scent to purchase, etc.   Both of these people already owned many candles, but were contemplating purchasing more.  One of the wise, yet not-so-excited-about-candles members of the group, said (perhaps in an effort to be supportive) “well you can never have too many candles.”

I have lived by this statement.  It can apply to candles, purses, shoes, …. so many situations really.  And generally it’s worked for me.  But today this came to an end.  I decided maybe you can have too much hand soap.  There was a fantastic sale and coupon combination deal at the soap store today.  I was all set to go and get the additional 10 bottles of soap.  But the truth is I already have at least 10 bottles at home.  And so the truth is… while I could have said you can never have too much soap… maybe you can.  Somehow a stock pile of over 20 bottles of soaps seems like too much.

And so it’s a bit of a sad day.  I feel I might have to reconsider the statement I have held to for so many years and decide if maybe I also have too many candles.  🙂


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  1. lindai permalink

    I don’t think you do 🙂

  2. Deepika likes to make a ten centimeter pile of the foamy soap (five pumps) on her hands when she washes her hands …… we’ve been trying to explain that it’s special and she only needs one pump, so sometimes she only pumps twice ……. all that to say, we have a stockpile of 20 bottles on any given day and I wish I knew there was a sale. =).

    • It does sounds like perhaps right now, your house can’t have too many soaps. I’ll forward you the next amazing sale e-mail I get.

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