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The cats of parliament hill

May 19, 2014

Are you aware of the cats that live on Parliament Hill in Ottawa?  On the east side of Parliament Hill, just beyond the iron and stone wall, is a cat village.  I remember the cat area fondly from my days in Ottawa.  That said, when thinking about a nostalgic trip to our nation’s capital, the cats really don’t come to mind.

Today I finished a book by an American author that included a trip to “cat parliament” as key element to the plot.  It struck me as amazing that the cats on parliament hill are famous enough to warrant a starring role in a piece of American fiction.  In itself, this brought a happy smile to my face as I remember my visits to the cats.  But then the book character said this about his impactful visit to “cat parliament’.

“It’s so beautiful!  … the fact that people take care of stray cats.  Cats!  For all these years.  They feel them.  They give them shelter.  They didn’t forget about the cats when they longer served a function. These cats are completely useless to society now, but people feed them just because.  Isn’t that beautiful?  Isn’t that just so humane?  Cat Parliament is the most beautiful place is the world.  You do see it, right?  The beauty?”

I had never before thought of the cats of Parliament Hill in that way.  I’ve visited them and watched them with idol curiosity.  But this fictitious character was right, it is rather beautiful and the beauty has very little to do with cats.


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