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Hiking – Day 1

May 25, 2014

As Maria sings in the Sound of Music “Let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start.”


Today was our first day of hiking the Bruce Trail.  My friend Linda and I have set a goal to hike the entire Bruce Trail over the next 5 years (remember when I shared this idea way back in January?).  And while not the original plan, we did begin at the southern most point.  Around 10:45, we met at our end point and left my car there (success #1 – we made in and back out the very rough driveway with potholes in which you could loose a small car) and a couple of great people took us to Queenston Heights.


I think this section was a good indication of what we will experience along the rest of the trail.  There were some steep spots, some road walking, a fair bit of mud, and a couple more up-hill sections than we would have liked.  We were never that far from civilization and cell phone reception was fantastic, which is good news when you have to help the great-people-who-dropped-you-off-and-then-went-biking get back the cell phone they set down to take your picture.  We experienced the weird coincidence of seeing 2 different sets of teenage boys on bikes where one was wearing a red t-shirt and the other had very dark black hair.  We were grateful for the massive pedestrian bridge across the QEW, I’m not sure how people crossed this busy highway before the bridge was built in 2008.


And we thought the tunnel was very picturesque and then we realized we had to walk through tunnel and the water to the other side. But through the “screaming tunnel” we went and I’m happy to say we didn’t even really get our feet wet.


We never got lost, but our focus on looking for the next white blaze and avoiding the extra hiking associated with side trails means we missed the bathroom at about the half-way mark.  And woo hoo, we finished 1 page in the Bruce Trail map book!!!

We have a great notebook in which to record some random thoughts, some time interval information, and a bit about the weather.  We also made some notes for next time like more water and maybe less food.  Oh and Linda, I added in that I should listen when you suggest I put on sunscreen. 🙂

Despite some technical challenges with the GPS and the back-up phone app, we are able to say we successful hiked 15.2 km, finishing at about 3:40 pm.  All in all, we say off to a great start.  Only 870 km to go.

  1. Congratulations! It sounds like you had a great hike on a great day for a hike.

  2. lindaI permalink

    I was telling someone about our hike yesterday, and they said to me “oh, so you’re an avid hiker, then?”, and I said “yes, I am” (as it turns out). Good times, Meg.

  3. Love this post! And the pics. Congrats on finishing page 1!

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