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New Title? New Image?

May 26, 2014

So 18 months or so ago when I started this blog, I was rather short sited.  I called the blog “Knitting the Sky”, the url is “a year with meg”, the image on the main page is of knitting.  Clearly at that point, I couldn’t fathom writing beyond the one year point or writing about topics other than knitting.

I appreciate that none of my readers have commented on this unfortunate problem.  Then again, maybe it’s an indication that people aren’t reading anymore.  But as I posted long ago, I would write even if nobody read or followed (see for whom do we write – Jan 2013).  However, I did want to let all of you know, that I am going to try and figure out if I can change the blog title (not the url) and the image.  If anyone knows anything about managing a blog in WordPress, I’d appreciate any help you can offer.  And perhaps more likely, if anyone has suggests for a more comprehensive title and image, suggestions are welcome.


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  1. Knitting the sky…. to “under the sky”. You’d only have to change 1 word and it works for the new hiking posts!

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