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The Joy of Great Radio

June 2, 2014

Don’t you just love it when the radio plays fantastic music that just fits your mood and what is going in your life?  Sometimes it can seem like the music was picked just for you.  I’ve had a few of these moments on my recent commutes.  And I’m going to share them with you.

Friday morning on the way to work CBC Radio 2 played “Closing Time” by Semisonic (YouTube video of song) and I was instantly transported back to my university days.  I could sing all the words.  This experience was made even better when at the end, the morning show host shared a story about being in a used CD store and finding a “Best of Semisonic” album, to which he wonder “wasn’t closing time the only “best” Semisonic had?”

That night on the drive home, the afternoon host on CBC Radio 1 spoke about her morning biking around Toronto to do errands, when the song “Hello Beautiful Life” by the Skydiggers came into her head (YouTube video of song).  So they played it.  It was a beautiful day and the perfect song to play loudly as I drove home from a great afternoon with great

I was thinking about blogging about Friday’s sound track as I drove into work this morning.  And it just go better, as a new Cake song (or at least new to me), came on the radio.  It was peppy and all I could think was “Cake” has great songs.  FYI – In looking at the Radio 2 Play Log it was “Love you Madly“).

The next song that came on the radio after the peppy Cake song was also great.  Two row, really who can ask for more.  (Again the trusty Radio 2 Play Log says it was Back in the World by David Gray)

It truly makes my day when the songs on the radio are great.  What’s songs have made your drive to work happy and are the sound track of your life these days?


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  1. I loved that “closing time” comment, too. Lol, literally. Good to know we are appreciating the same radio even if we can’t text & drive.

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