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Hiking – Day 2 & 3

June 8, 2014

Yesterday and today we did our first back to back hiking.  Hiking continues to bring with it great adventures. Despite a slow start due to missing shoes and a failure to get great directions, on Saturday we hiked 8-9 km in the late afternoon/early evening.  We were happy to have our friends Tricia and Chris join us. They embraced all aspects of the experience, the hiking, the snacks, the photo taking, the notebook time, and all the other things that were part of the day.

2014-06-07 04.28.42


The route passed through the Terra Cotta Conservation Area, which included Tricia’s favourite part, the waterfall.

2014-06-07 07.00.02

For the most part the terrain was very rocky and included lots of ups and downs.

Stories from these 2 days include:

  • Our new love for walking sticks.
  • The bakery and cidery we passed, but then forgot to go back to.
  • The lost 3 city folk.
  • The crazy bucket “study” in the middle of the woods.
  • The high risk of poison ivy.
  • The huge amount of devastation and broken trees on Saturday.
  • The poorly maintained section of trail early on Sunday.
  • The older couple, at least 20 years our seniors, who looked like they were out for a leisurely stroll, but who caught up to us and actually passed us and kept right on hiking.
  • Learning that in some sections the little bridges and steps are numbered.
  • The rain we avoided by only about 15 minutes.

The largest trial of the past 2 days was the mosquitoes. I only wish I had photos so you could fully understand the swarming and volume of mosquitoes we are talking about. Re-applying bug every hour or so seemed to help. And I will admit the number of bites I have is much much lower that one would expect given the indescribable number of mosquitoes. Despite comments from others, we have never had any intention of getting sponsors for our hike; but we are reconsidering, as a “bug repellent” sponsor might be needed.

We continue to see each hiking day as a learning opportunity.  And so while we survived our 2 day, about 24 km hike, we are still considering how we might do it different next time. Don’t worry we will keep you posted.

It’s so hard to remember all the things we talked about including in this blog. So hopefully the other hikers chime in with their own comments and stories.

Hiking Stats:

Saturday June 7, 2014 Toronto Club before 33.1 to 41.2

Sunday June 8, 2014 Toronto Club 41.2 to end (50) then Caledon Hills Club0 0 to 6.2

One Comment
  1. We do embrace all aspects of hiking. But mostly the snacks. I think you covered everything. That notebook is handy. I understand now your military precision in ensuring we got to it immediately! One more event which you may have missed was when we passed that group of people and one of them said “Quick, take their walking sticks”! They may have been kidding, but those walking sticks are valuable items. Guard them carefully.

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