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act more quickly

June 19, 2014

A week or so ago I was reading an article that encouraged us to make decisions and take action more quickly.  To stop pondering the problems and take action.  If that action doesn’t work or is wrong, you will know, then you will stop, think a bit more and try something different.

I love to talk about the problems and challenges.  I’m not as good at moving into action and really doing something.  As the one of the people features in the article said “we may not achieve final solutions before we have to act“.   Sometimes my desire to have a solution that addresses all or most of the problem slows me down.  Similarly, with complex problems the inability to have answers to all the questions can lead to the entire project standing still.  Or we can wait for someone else to support our ideas before we take action.  But in life whether at work or in our personal lives, we don’t need to have all the answers or a perfect solution or someone to endorse our idea.  We need to take action, give something a try and see what happens.  We need to believe that these efforts will not be in vane, that whatever happens we will have learned something more about the situation.

So get to work – take action – or in the words of Nike – Just Do It!


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