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Blue Hair

June 22, 2014

Many, many years ago as I was finishing university, I had a dream to have a blue streak in my hair.  I figured it was one of the last times in my life that having a blue streak in my hair wouldn’t be a professional liability.  Being a student came with some freedom and I should seize that freedom before it was gone.  I had trouble finding the temporary blue hair dye and in the end settled on a purplish red streak.

This story all came back to me when on Friday, a friend and work colleague came to work with blue hair.  I made a bit of fun of her.  Despite by 15 year old blue hair moment, to me it was now unimaginable that she would wake up that morning and all by herself decide that blue hair was the way to go that day.  Even in university, I had weighed the pros and cons of having a blue streak for several days.  But you know her blue hair was super fun and super cool (using the word ‘cool’ just aged me didn’t it?).

I need more blue hair days and blue hair decisions in my life.  Days and decisions that I care less about what others will think.  Worry less about how it will impact my professional life.  Obsess less about if it’s a “good” or “wise” (aka responsible) decision.  In the bigger scope of life, blue hair for a few days isn’t likely to make or break anything.  It’s just pure fun and happiness.


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