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National Canoe Day

June 26, 2014


It’s National Canoe Day!  I wish I had been able to write this post earlier today so that you could have chosen to become more actively engaged in celebrating the day; but blogging at work isn’t encouraged.  Had you known prior to right now you may have chosen to do a little canoeing of your own on this day.  According to the website – you could have registered to “paddle” in honour of the day.

I got rather nostalgic when I heard it was National Canoe Day.  I thought about canoeing through the lily pads as a child with Grandpa Henderson, about learning the “J stroke” on the tiny pond at Hidden Acres Camp, about learning the canoe-over-canoe rescue method on a rainy day in a shallow but muddy bottomed lake, about canoeing the Grand with my extended family and other friends (on several occasions), about being the “Queen” in the middle and not having to paddle (and about others who have been the “Queen” regardless of their gender), about the early morning and evening canoe rides at the cottage, about the many many great moments I’ve had while floating along in an canoe.

Time spent in a cannooooe (Tricia, it is very hard to spell they way I want this to sound – maybe you can suggest an alternate spelling) really is a Canadian experience.  I think everyone should have too many happy memories to write in one blog post when they think about National Canoe Day.  That said, I hope some you take a few minutes to post a comment and share one of your canoe stories.


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  1. lindaI permalink

    You’re right .. I do have too many good canoe memories to write in one comment, and I never realized that before. Thinking back, most of mine involve getting tipped out of a canoe (in my younger days), and some fine canoe breaks in the middle of the lake, with a great beverage and nothing to do but float …

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