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The Hiking Virgin

July 2, 2014

Well yesterday our hiking group included a “hiking virgin”.  This is the label he gave himself and the rest of us couldn’t not use it as well.  As it turns out, our “hiking virgin” faired very well.  He started us out at a very quick pace, led the way for much of our 10 km, and tossed out humorous 1 liners the entire distance.  Those less than desirable attributes or not, we will bring him along again.

Not knowing how many extras would join us on our Canada Day hike, we intentionally chose a section of the trail that is well traveled which generally means wide trails, level terrain, and an easier overall hike.  In the Dufferin Hi-Lands section, the Bruce Trail goes through Mono Cliffs Provincial Park.  Located just off Highway 10, between Orangeville and Shelburne, is a fantastic hiking location that we would highly recommend to others.

Like most Bruce Trail hikers, Linda and I are committed to sticking to the main trail.  So we were particular glad that the Bruce Trail Reference Guide included the following information about going down the steel stairs to the viewing platform “this short side trip is well worth a visit...”.


Other highlights of the day included:

  • that Tricia, Chris and Russell (the “hiking virgin”) joined us.
  • the little orange butterflies
  • the breeze
  • the Canada tatoos
  • the cute waddlely little porcupine
  • the relatively lack of mosquitos
  • the great dinner and drinks at the end
  • the yellow canola fields
  • and perhaps most memorable the cows in the middle of the road as we traveled all together from the car at the end to the car at the beginning.  And nope we aren’t kidding about this, we have the photos to prove it.


Another great day of hiking!


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