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Nunavut Day

July 9, 2014

I don’t know when I had wrote “Nunavut Day” in my calendar in today’s square.  Which means I also don’t remember how I learned that today is Nunavut Day.   But the other day Russell out of the blue said “Wednesday is Nunavut day” and I said “I know”.  The thing is, I don’t know any thing about Nunavut day – what it celebrates or what it is all about.   Nevertheless I think it’s worth passing along to all of you.  And maybe my lack of knowledge and research will inspire all of you to do some “googling” of your own.  Feel free to post a comment sharing what you learn with all the rest of us.

Happy Nunavut Day!!


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  1. It,s a National holiday but the good part is pancake breakfasts and BBQ,d muskox hamburgers. This made me very excited!

  2. lindaI permalink

    I hear there were many lovely community events. For example, “the judging for the Nunavut Day cake decorating contest will take place at 11:30 at the Igluvut Building”.
    Why don’t we have Ontario Day?

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