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Shorter Work Week – Count Me In

July 23, 2014

Last week, I listened to a bit of Ted Talk about slowing down.  Ironically, I listened to Carl talk about the idea of slowing down (link to ted talk), while I was running, which I started doing partly because it’s a more efficient means of exercise and takes less time.  But anyway, part of his talk mentioned the shorter work week in Europe.  And earlier this week, there was news coverage because a couple of famous business people have been talking about the benefits of a shorter work week in North America (link to one article).  I wondered where I should send my letter or tweet of support for this idea.

I recently returned to a 40 hour position, and I’m struggling with the requirement to go to work 5 days a week.  I would welcome a shorter work week and know many others who feel the same way.  Unfortunately, I know more people wishing for a shorter work week than I know of companies or organizations willing to offer this option.

So I don’t really believe that in the near future North American work culture will include few working hours, more vacation time, or any of the other elements of the European work culture; but I did request Carl’s book on slowing down from the library.  I’ll promise to share with you any tips or tidbits I glean from it.  And if you have any thoughts on who I send my letter of support for the shorter work week, please let me know.


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