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Great friends=Great laughs=Great memories

July 29, 2014

Sometimes in life, it’s your mistakes that become the fuel to create a memory.   This is especially true when you have great friends who help you see the humor in your mistakes.  Sometimes these “mistake” stories are shared with other great friends and end up taking on a life of their own.

So it was this past weekend, when the story was told of a slip of the tongue during which a good friend mistakenly said “J Lo” when they meant to say “YOLO”.   Now some of you are wondering, what does “YOLO” mean?  It’s short for “You Only Live Once”.

The story and the slip of the tongue was funny.  But “J Lo” became the stuff of memories when over the course of the weekend we found numerous instances to use “J Lo” rather than “YOLO” in our conversation.  It is safe to say that we laughed every time we said it.  But perhaps even better than the laughter, is the fact that every time we said it the friend who made the original slip of the tongue came to our mind.  In those moments, she was present, despite her absence.

Good Friends equal Great Laughs which equals Great Memories, and sometimes when you have great friends you are included in the memories and the laughs, even if you weren’t actually there.

Note: the next post will be about embracing the spirit of “J Lo” (i.e., you only live once, not the pop star) in your life.


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