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“J Lo”

July 30, 2014

So as mentioned in yesterday’s post, “J Lo” is the new term my friends and I are using in place of the phrase “you only live once”.

Now I’m not recommending or endorsing the idea of living recklessly, but I know that for most of my life I’ve been far too cautious.  I tend to avoid risk, the unknown, experiences where I can’t 100% predict the outcome, situations where I might not succeed, and other things along that line.  As a result of this cautious approach to life, I’ve missed out on lots of things.  Things and experiences that could have been fantastic or at least new.  We really do only live once.  But we have some many choices and options within that life.  And so we might as well seize as many opportunities as we can, even when we don’t know the outcome, when the situation is risky, when we can’t guarantee success.

In some ways it all keeps coming back to the year of the stretch.  Don’t be afraid to try the food you have never eaten, play a game that might be tricky, sit in the back of the canoe, venture out on the lake on a windy day, swim with the turtle, or just do whatever thing you are scared to do.


“J Lo”


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