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The progress of others

August 4, 2014

So this really isn’t a hiking progress update, as we haven’t hike (at least not the Trail) since my last  progress report.  However, last week, I read the blog posts of 2 other people who have been hiking the Bruce Trail.  I’ll include links to their posts at the end.   Their posts are worthy of sharing, as they describe their last day of hiking.  These two women have done the entire trail over the past couple of years and are a bit of an inspiration to me.  Their daily hiking distance is similar to what Linda and I have been doing.  And I am impressed with their commitment to take time and enjoy the sites and beauty of Ontario as they go.  Through reading their posts, I have discovered that they frequently have taken several days or a week and hiked each day.  I’m not sure Linda and I are going to do that, but it would definitely help ensure we do the entire trail within our 5 year time frame.

But back to their posts, as someone at the beginning of this Bruce Trail quest, it seems almost impossible to imagine being at the end.  And yet, I had no problem understanding when they spoke about their mixed emotions – how it’s fantastic to be done, while at the same time they wonder what it will be like to not be anticipating the next hiking day.  Already for me, “hiking the entire Bruce Trail” has become an important part of my identity and has changed how I think about myself.  What happens to that self-identify when you have finished hiking the trail?  Like I said, I just can’t imagine being done this massive almost 900 km endeavor.

All this said, their posts did help me think about how to make that finish line memorable and full of celebration.  I love that they had pinwheels on their backpacks and champagne chilling in the car.  But based on their comments, I think we should strive to have a cheering squad to welcome us when we finally cross that line and have hiked the entire trail.

So I know that at some point, this quest will come to an end.  But I’m glad that the journey is long and I’m going to make sure I enjoy every step of the way.


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  1. Hi Megan (and Linda). I love that you are thinking about the end already! The middle is long, but it is wonderful. Wishing you many happy trails ahead. magdalena

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