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A new way to track progress

August 17, 2014

When you visit the hiking progress page, it shows you how many kilometres we have hiked on the Bruce Trail.  So far we  have done about 60 km.  I have intentionally not memorized the total number of kilometres we will need to hike to do the entire trail.   Maybe when we get closer to that total, I’ll learn the final number.  But until then, it seems like constantly revisiting how far we still have to go is a bit overwhelming.  I’d rather focus on how far we have come, and 60 km is good progress.

That said, another way for us to measure our progress on the trail is to count the number of pages from the Trail Guide we have completed.  Since we are jumping around with which sections we are hiking, the page progress isn’t linear.  At this point we have completed 2 pages.  That’s 2 pages of the trail guide we won’t have to look at again.  Just like I haven’t memorized the total number of kilometres, I have counted to see how many pages of maps there are in the Trail Guide.  I’m just focusing on the fact that we are done 2 of them.

Funny that despite having finished those 2 pages, I would still be sad if the pages were lots.  Cause as I’ve said before the book, the Trail Guide, has come to mean a lot to me.  It’s more than a book of maps I need to navigate the trail.  It’s a symbol of the goal, a symbol of the progress made.

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