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Forks of the Credit

August 17, 2014


It was the perfect hiking day!  We continued along the trail from the place we ended on Day 3.  It was fun to return to a place we were familiar with and re-live that day – both the highs and lows.

Rather than hike the entire way, Russell and Ezra (the dog) were our drivers.  This arrangement had some definite advantages, including not having to meet at the end and drive one car back to the beginning, some to scope out the local area for lunch options, and perhaps the best perk someone to meet us part way along the hike with a cinnamon bun snack.  The snack meeting did make us feel a bit like we were on a cross country run or bike – like Terry Fox or Clara Hughes – but we aren’t complaining.

The Forks of the Credit Provincial Park, which accounted for a significant proportion of our kilometres today, was beautiful, has well maintained wide trails, and has lots of side trails.  Other portions of the almost 12 kilometres we did today were a bit more challenging.  But we think successfully maneuvering the steep rocking section that had been enhanced and secured with a rope system is a good sign that were are “serious, hard core hikers”.

We encountered friendly people on the trail today.  I’m not sure what it says about us, that we felt a stronger affinity for the two women in their 70s who shared about other great trails in the area we should check out, than we felt for the small group of 5 who were running the trail some with walking sticks as well (we wish we had asked them how they had “run” the steep rope section”.   We met the two women at the spot in the photo above when we stopped for a break and a snack.  They shared our appreciation for the great resting spot and spoke about their preferred hiking locations.  Linda and I hope we are still hiking in 30 years and sharing our recommendations.

As mentioned, Russell and Ezra did a great job of finding our lunch location.  I had suggested Russell go check out the cidery we had hiked passed on Day 3.  The Spirit Tree Cidery should be highlighted in the Bruce Trail Guide.  This cidery/bakery/restaurant was a fantastic discovery!  I really can’t believe we just walked on by that Sunday morning in June.

So all in all, a great day.  Perhaps made better by the highly recommended $20 hiking socks Linda was wearing (she will have to provide her sock report in a comment).  Of course there was a moment when we veered off the trail – but I’ll leave that story for another post.

  1. lindaI permalink

    If you let the Outdoor Store guy talk you into buying $20 socks to prove to yourself that you are a super-hiker, you sort of have to say that the socks are awesome.

  2. You are indeed “serious, hard-core hikers” – ropes or not.

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