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National Dog Day

August 26, 2014

Tonight when I spoke with my mum on the phone, she told me it was “National Dog Day”.  Now I don’t think she told me this so that I’d blog about it; but it is the kind of thing I’d write about.

I’m not really sure what National Dog Day is all about and perhaps more importantly I’m not sure if it means I was supposed to do something special with my dog.  I’m also not sure what those of you who aren’t dog lovers (or owners) should honour the day.  So I’ll leave these as things you can ponder.

But this post isn’t really about National Dog Day.  It has much more to do with getting back to writing.  It’s so easy to just not write, so easy to decide that I am tired, so easy to decide that deciding what to write about is too much effort.  When I log into WordPress, I am often surprised at how many days it has been since I posted something.  It’s not my intention, but the days slip by far to easily.  I think this happens with too many things in our lives.  Things like talking to family, getting together with friends, running or walking or whatever physical activity we might enjoy…

I encourage you to take whatever opportunity (in this case a comment from my mum about it being National Dog Day), to get back to doing the things that matter to you.


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