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wisdom of the trail

September 13, 2014

Several weeks ago, when I wrote about hiking at the Forks of the Credit, I mentioned that during that hike, we had briefly veered off the trail.  I promised to share that full story on another day.  I apologize for the delay, but to be honest, nobody has posted a comment complaining.

So about a third of the way into our hike that day we encountered the  most rocky terrain thus far.  This particular section included climbing down large boulders into a steep valley.  This is the section that included the impressive rope system (thanks again to the great volunteers who make that happen).  Around us were mostly rocks and boulders and a few very tall trees, unlike some wooded sections where the single file trail has been cut out of the underbrush.  It was a beautiful place to be that morning as the sunlight broke through the trees around us and the water trickled out of the rocks.

It was about this time that Linda began sharing her insight/wisdom of the trail.  Her recent reflections of our quest had included the idea that wouldn’t be great if life were like the Bruce Trail.  How nice it would be if our lives included bright white blazes to mark the path.  With blue blazes to mark the optional side trails or alternate routes.  And when you think you are lost or have lost sight of the blazes, you simply stop, turn around, and go back to the last place/blaze that you saw, regroup and get back on the right path.  I for one know that there have been times when I would have welcomed this type of clear path and direction in my life.

The ironic part of this story, is that were talking about this wisdom of the trail, about the same time as we were heading off course.  We were making our way over boulders, across shallow streams of water and down into the valley.  Suddenly there reached a point where there were more branches on the boulders and it was almost impossible to say where we thought the trail might go.  We followed the instructions in the wonderful Trail Guide, and we did not panic, we stopped, we turned around and we looked for a white blaze.  When we couldn’t see one ahead or behind, we turned around, and started making our way back up and out of the valley.   A few feet back up we found the blaze, the turn we missed and go back on track.  All was well.

And as we moved on, on the trail once again, we lamented that life doesn’t come with blazes and a clear indication that you are heading the wrong way.  Aaahh the wisdom and joys of life on the trail.

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