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Bruce Trail Hiking – Day 6

September 20, 2014


sept20,2014 fence1


You know it’s hard for me to believe we have only hiked 6 days.  It feels like we have done it a lot more often.  However, perhaps that does explain why we seem to require a list to make sure we don’t forget things.  Maybe after another 6 or 56 we will have it all down pat.

Today we hiked the section we had originally planned to do on our very first hiking day back in May.  It’s a section that has a lot of walking along the road, including Airport road that had lots of fast moving dump trucks on it today.  We are glad we didn’t do it that first day, as this section doesn’t really feel like the Bruce Trail or much like hiking.  However, the road route (where we never once said “oh the terrain”) meant we made great time.  We hiked the 15.5 km in about 4 hours and that included a few breaks.

Despite being along the road, we didn’t encounter as many interesting people or see as many things I need to pass along.  Really aside from the man with the strange equipment that looked like perhaps he was trying to receive signals from another planet, we don’t have any funny stories.  According to the trail book at one point we should have been able to see all the way to Lake Ontario, but it was a bit hazy today and we didn’t climb up the “look-out” tower on a person’s private property.

All in all, it was a pretty good day of hiking.  The weather was nice, the breeze was welcome, the bugs were absent, and the fall colours were just starting to come out.  We are going to remember that September hiking as many perks.  I’ve include a couple more picture from today below.

sept20,2014 photo2



sept20,2014 photo3


One Comment
  1. lindaI permalink

    How can it only be 6 days? We’ve walked so far..

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