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we are story beings

October 1, 2014

The upfront disclaimer on this blog post, is that I didn’t write it.  I recently read this content in a much longer article by Judith McGill from a conference I attended in the spring.  Consider this the “Megan’s readers digest version” of the article. 

We are story beings.  We are meaning makers.  We long for meaning, internally and among others.  We’re learning from neuroscience that we are wired for making meaning, making connections.

We tell stories to make meaning of our lives, to sort and sift the events of our lives.  We tell each other stories so we can better understand our lives and our relationships.

Our stories get backed up like logjams in our  minds and we don’t always take the time that is needed to reflect and talk about them so that we can understand them.

Some people are alienated from their own stories.  But when there are only a few stories that you use to say something about yourself it is easy to get stuck on a single story, whether it is positive or negative.

Our task, each and every one of us, is to create story spaces for making meaning together.  We need to inspire people to take an interest in their own biography.  To understand that they have a story.  As none of us story our lives alone.  We need story spaces where others can ‘listen us into being’.  The most powerful witnesses and allies in our lives are those that stand by us over time and are there to see and hear our stories transform.

We need each other to be a mirror.  To reflect back what we hear so that it can become more real.  We need others to inspire us to act differently and choose another story.  To pick another story line and to help us get unstuck.

We are meaning makers.  We long for meaning, internally and among others.  We are story beings.


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