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November 7

November 7, 2014

According to the little message that scrolls across the bottom of Canada AM – today is Random Act of Kindness day.  And since I think the world could use some more random acts of kindness, I wanted to promote today’s theme early in the day while you had time to put it into action.

Similar to the idea of random acts of kindness, is something I heard a few weeks ago when I was presented with the idea of being 10% friendlier.  What would be the impact if we all just a little bit friendly, those we know and those we don’t know?  What would be the impact if we didn’t just do one random act of kindness today, but hundreds of tiny acts of kindness every day?

I know that for some of us this can sound like one more pressure we put on ourselves.  That is not my intent.  But it doesn’t take much to genuinely wish a person (who doesn’t work for the same organization as you) a great day or good morning as you walk in the building together.  It doesn’t take much to let a car in ahead of you.  It doesn’t take much to pick up a second coffee and share it with someone at work.  It doesn’t take much to sent a quick text or email to one of your friends just to say hi.

I want to live in a world where kindness and friendliness abounds, and I can help create that reality by being a little bit kinder and friendlier.   10% isn’t a huge number, but if it feels overwhelming to you start with 2%.  I encourage you to embrace random act of kindness day, not just today but everyday.   I believe it can only make things better.


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