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Travel that makes you want to Travel

November 17, 2014

Travel that makes you want to travel more is the best kind of travel.  This recent trip has made me want to travel more.  Perhaps it was the number of people in our group who had traveled so much more than me and been to so many interesting places.  But it wasn’t just hearing about the places they had been.  Their stories got me thinking about the places I want to go.  It was about the woman with the list of places she wants to visit who already has the next 2 or 3 trips planned.  It was about the security man at the airport who’s poll for the day was “if you could only live in one city for the rest of your life, where would it be?” I didn’t really have an answer, as I’m not sure I’ve been to enough places to know for sure.  And so I’ve begun making my list – the list of places I want to see and visit and experience.  We are blessed to live in a time and country that allow us to travel.  We are blessed to have the employment benefits (aka vacation time) and financial resources that allow us to travel.  So whether you choose to go far away or stay closer to home, look for opportunities to travel in a way that suits you and lets you see and experience something new.


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