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December 4, 2014

Time is a funny thing.  Sometimes it flies by and you wonder how it’s possible that you haven’t written a blog post since November 17, or that your baby is a month old, or realize that’s it’s already 10 minutes before 2 and your plan was to leave the office at 1 o’clock.  Other times it drags, like when you lie in bed a night worrying about something, or are waiting for something to happen, or sitting in traffic.   And yet, time is one of the few things we can’t change. We all have the same amount, and we while we can say yes or no to specific activities, we can’t change the number of hours in a day or a week or a month (although trust there are many moments when I wish I could).  How we feel about time is all about perspective.  And the only wisdom I have to share on this topic is: isn’t great that we even if we can’t change time, we can control and change our perspective.

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