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December 8, 2014

Just over a year ago I wrote a post entitled “Go to More Concerts“.  This was in response to attending a Dixie Chicks concert.  Over the past year, I haven’t done as well as I might have hoped with respect to this goal.  I could say that maybe I’m a bit slow to get on top of things, but I’m not sure that was it.  I do think it took me awhile to embrace and understand that it doesn’t always matter who the performer is.  But this past weekend firmly instilled that idea in my mind.

On Saturday night I went with a group of friends to a country music concert.  I’m not opposed to country music and as my Dixie Chicks concert attendance indicates have attended concerts in the past.  But I didn’t really know the musicians that were performing on Saturday night and these days I seldom listen to country music radio station.  However, when getting tickets was originally discussed, I thought “why not – go to more concerts”.   And as it turns out, it was a great event.  It didn’t matter that I didn’t know the words to all the songs.  We were with good friends, the crowd was super fun, the musicians interacted with the audience, and overall it was a fantastic performance by all.

And so I’m even more convinced that my ‘goal’ to go to more concerts that I set over a year ago was a great goal.  In 2014, I went to 2 concerts which was double the number if 2013.  In 2014, “more” only means 3, and I already have tickets for 1 in April.

We have so many opportunities to see live music and fantastic performances and I for one am going to keep doing this more.

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  1. Marni permalink

    Looking forward to going to One Direction with you!

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