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Questions to Ponder

December 9, 2014

Once again I can’t take credit for creating the list of questions I’ve included below, I can only take credit for passing them along.  As with many things in life, I encourage you to ponder the ones that resonate with you today and ignore the rest. Having read them a couple of times, I can share that for me the true value came from reading them slowly and thinking about my answers.   The part I haven’t gotten around to yet, is considering if the answers require any change or action on my part.  But I think these questions and the subsequent answers are things that go in the “slow” category of life and so maybe it’s not about jumping into action, but just learning from the answers.


What is next?

What does a good day look like? A good week?

Who do you want to work with?

Who are you trying to please?

What sort of feedback brings you down?

What’s your tolerance for being misunderstood? By whom?

Is it about process or projects?

Which part of the project make you happy?

At the end of the project, what would you like in return?

What diminishes the work?

How high do the stakes need to be?

How close to the edge do you need to dance? Risk? Resources? Failure?

What will you take? What will you give? Who will you connect?

How much freedom will you sacrifice to get what you want? How much commitment will you promise?

What are you measuring? Smiles, comments, traffic, cash, media response, friends, peers, insiders, outsiders?

Will they miss you when you’re done with this?

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