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December 17, 2014

When it comes up, I generally say that I am not a creative person.  I don’t come up with new ideas, I’m not crafty, I don’t create new and original songs, poems or anything else.  I don’t doodle or draw.

There is a tendency to think that creativity is about producing something where there was previously nothing.  That creativity is similar to a fresh start or arises from a blank slate.  But rarely in life does something really come from nothing, even a blank sheet of paper has edges and defined boundaries.  Perhaps rather than focusing so much on what we are going to write or draw on the blank sheet of paper; true creativity comes from re-thinking the shape of the paper.  When we re-think where the edges of the paper are, or the boundaries of whatever we are working on (whether externally imposed or found within ourselves), that is where creativity can be found.

We can all be creative, we just need to consider where we see the edges of the “paper”.

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