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Risk vs. Uncertainty

January 6, 2015

I’m not really a risk taker.  I’m sure I’ve said that in previous posts.  But today I was reminded that there is a difference between uncertainty and risk.  I was reminded that uncertainty refers to situations where you are “exposing yourself to an outcome that you don’t have a chance to fall in love with in advance”.  Risk refers to situations where depending on the outcome you could actually lose.  For example, I’m currently planning a vacation and it’s uncertain where I will go and what the resort will be like; but I’m going to be on vacation somewhere warm with great people and I can’t really lose.  There is no real risk.

Given this new found insight, consider if you are drawn to risk or is it uncertainty OR conversely are you adverse to risk or uncertainty?

Unfortunately, after a big of thought, I think for me it’s both.  Which kind of sucks as now I have to things to “work on”.  That said, this insight also gives me a way to re frame or a starting point.  I like that my vacation plans are “risk” free.  And I’m going to learn to be more comfortable with uncertainty, more comfortable with outcomes I can’t fall in love with in advance.

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