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5 years

January 12, 2015

A popular news story today was noting that it is 5 years since the earth wake in Haiti.  For me this is one of the global events for which I can clearly remember where I was and what I was doing when it happened.  This morning as I listened to the radio coverage of what has changed in Haiti over the past 5 years, I thought my life over that time period.

Lots has changed since then.  There have been marriages, births, and lots of new people in my life.  But there are also people who are not in my life for whatever reason and I miss their presence.  I’ve started new things like the hiking goal and a new job.  And I’ve started and finished projects like knitting a scarf for a year and several new flower beds in my yard. I’ve reflected on and hopefully changed some of my perspectives on life and work and what it’s all about.  I took a 2 month leave of absence from work and have benefited from all the learning that came from that experience.  I’ve traveled to new places and had new experiences.  I’ve gotten through things and challenges and experiences that I never would have chosen, but that have shaped who I am today.

Lots has stayed the same since then.  The most important people in my life are the same and spending time with them continues to bring me joy.  I live in the same house.  I changed jobs but work for the same organization. My faith continues to give me hope.  And many of the same things continue to make me happy – spending time outside, a sunny day, a good book, and days filled with laughter.

As you reflect on your life over the past 5 years, celebrate what is the same and good, value what you have been through (even the events you would never choose), and acknowledge how you have grown and changed.


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