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Just one of the great things about small towns

January 31, 2015

Small towns are great!  This morning I had to make a few calls as part of a volunteer committee I’m on.  I didn’t know everyone I needed to call, I just had the list of names and phones numbers.  As it turns out, one of the phone numbers was incorrect.  But when I dialed the number I had and asked for “Betty”, the woman who answered, didn’t merely say that I had the wrong number and hang up.  Instead she asked what I thought I was dialing.  When we confirmed that the number I had and the number I dialed did not match with the name I had, the woman who answered asked who I was trying to call.  So I gave her the name, and she quickly proceed to tell that for sure that was a “656” number.  While I was apologizing for the mistake, she told me to hang on while she found me the correct number. This would have been enough to remind me that in small towns most people know everyone else and that most people in small towns are happy to help out; it would have been enough to make me smile and remember that sometimes situations get easier not harder.  But it didn’t end here, the woman on the phone when on to tell me that “Betty” works on Saturday morning and wouldn’t be home; but maybe her husband would be.  I thanked her, hung up and went on to leave a voicemail message for Betty.  I don’t know the name of the woman who I talked to this morning.  But she reminded me that small towns and small communities are great places to live: that privacy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be; and if I really need to speak with Betty I won’t call on Saturday morning.


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  1. Marni permalink

    I love it!

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