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February 17, 2015

Yesterday, mid-afternoon as I drove through the back lane between farms, I noticed something in the sky.  A second, more careful look confirmed my first thought – it was a hot air balloon.  By the time I noticed the balloon it was already too far away for me to see the colour or to capture a photo with my phone; but it was definitely a hot air balloon.

I love hot air balloons and during the summer months I frequently scan the sky on my way to work looking for balloons, and I sit on my deck in the evening looking to the south in hopes of catching a glimpse of a balloon. Frequently these efforts are rewarded and I spot a balloon, or two, or three.  Seeing balloons in the sky always brings me joy and reminds me of other happy balloon sightings over the year.

But here is the thing, I never expected to see a hot air balloon floating high above the trees in the late afternoon sky on February 16th.  I don’t think I’ve ever knew that people sailed hot air balloons during the winter months, and yet there is was.  Sometimes we can let ourselves forget that the definition of unexpected, doesn’t mean something will never happen.  Unexpected and never are different things. What do you need to stop telling yourself will “never” happen, and instead confirm that while it might be unexpected, the truth is, you can’t say for certain that it’s really “never”?  The hot air balloon was a happy unexpected sighting.  It has reminded me that I need to be more open to the unexpected and more willing to speak of things as being unexpected and less attached to the certainty that comes with never language idea of never.


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