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What’s your favourite age?

February 22, 2015

I don’t mean what was your favourite age to be, but rather what is your favourite age to interact with?

Maybe nobody else has a favourite age, but I do.  Of course, most of my friends are adults, as are most of the people I interact with on a daily basis.  But each Sunday morning I am reminded that I love 2-4 year olds.  They have great stories, they live in the moment, and overall being with them makes me happy. I like that you can quickly get caught up in a conversation about mushrooms or marshmellows or both at the same time.  I like that when one child starts talking about a parachute from his grandma; another one knows that you need a lot of wind to get off the ground with a parachute.  I like that with just a few tips they quickly learn how to put glue on the paper and stick hearts to the clue spot.  I can say with confidence that 2-4 years are my favourite age.  And therefore volunteering to spend an hour with them on a Sunday morning fills me more than the effort it takes for me to prepare or be there.

It’s great that we aren’t all drawn to people of the same age.  There are so many opportunities and ways, both formally and informally to share your time and gifts with others of all ages.  Volunteering can and should be a win-win situation.  There is nothing wrong with having your own bucket filled up while at the same time helping in your school, church, workplace or community.  Seek out the age group that makes you happy and if it’s anything like my experience, 99% of the time volunteering won’t be a obligation or a chore, but pure joy.


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