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having an opinion and speaking up

February 24, 2015

I recently read an article encourage people to speak up and share their opinion.  To ignore the message they have heard their entire life “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.  To commit each day to identify one thought or opinion you feel strongly about and then share with someone, or lots of someones for that matter.

Now to be clear, this article wasn’t tell us to be mean or only say things that “are not nice”.  Rather it was encouraging people who might normally not speak up, who fear the impact of sharing their thoughts and opinions, to realize that not saying something isn’t necessarily the right approach.  That if we feel strongly about something or even if we are just trying to figure something out, we should share it, talk about it or write about (and post on a blog or similar forum).  This can mean noticing the great work of a colleague who others seldom recognize, saying thanking to the person doing the job that may go unnoticed, asking why something is done a certain way, speaking up when you think something isn’t write.

Not everyone will always appreciate or agree with what you think and say, but having the guts to say it is sometimes what it’s all about.  What thoughts, opinions and things do you need to share?


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