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Ask more questions, say less

February 25, 2015

Yesterday’s blog post was about encouraging people to have opinions and to share those opinions.  It was about speaking up and saying the things that need to be said.

Those of you who know me well, know that yesterday’s post wasn’t for me.  I have no problem with either (a) having an opinion or (b) sharing that opinion.  So today I’m writing about a different approach, an approach I wish I took more often.

Today’s post is about encouraging you to ask more questions.  Instead of offering an opinion or sharing a story that aligns with what the other person is saying, ask a question.  In formal work related interviews I’m great at using the phrase “tell me more about that”, I’m not so good in my personal discussions.  I would like to talk less, ask questions and listen more.

Some of us need to speak up and share our thoughts and opinions more often.  Others of us need to ask more questions and talk less.  I am encouraged by the idea that whatever group we fit in, we are all on this journey of personal growth together.


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