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the end of winter is in sight

March 10, 2015

Over the weekend, we changed the clocks and now it is light till after 7:30 in the evening, and this week (at least where I live) the weather is above 0 degrees Celsius for the first time in months, the snow is melting, and the end of winter is in sight.  The majority of us are ready for this change.  Ready to feel the warm sun on our face and to step outside without “snow suiting up”  I am also ready for these things; but I’m going to go on record as saying “it’s been a good winter”.  For the past 2 months it’s been consistently cold and snowy.  There were no challenges in predicting whether or not you would be able to toboggan or snow shoe or any other winter outdoor activity.  I like this characteristic in a season: A season that is exactly what it’s supposed to be.  So yep, I’m enjoying the warmer weather and I don’t need anymore weeks of predictable winter weather, but I do love that this year we had 2 solid months of it.

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  1. lindaI permalink

    I appreciate your positive spin on winter, but I’m out.. two slippery falls and one snow bank later, and I could take two months less of winter.

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