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great people

April 8, 2015

Over the past 2 days I was once again reminded that great people make all the difference.  It is easy to get frustrated and disenchanted with systems, companies, organizations, groups, clubs, etc..  Or maybe I should say it is easy for me to get frustrated by and critical of these collective groups that are inanimate things.  However, when we focus on individual people, it’s a whole different ball game.  All of these collective inanimate things and systems are made up of people.  People who are caring, who have great senses of humour, who have interesting stories to hear, and excellent experiences to learn from.  I know why groups of great people end up working for or creating structures that are less great.  And I don’t know how to change those situations or my perspective about them.  But I have learned that it’s always better to focus on individual people, as it’s my experience in most situations the individual people in these companies and organizations are great.

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