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the most tough & outdoorsy people we know

April 13, 2015

Yesterday Linda and I were the most tough and outdoorsy people we knew.  We discussed this in the first kilometre of our hike and by the end we knew it for sure.  We might have modified our original hiking plans from a Saturday/Sunday two day of hiking to a Saturday/Sunday one day of shopping, one day of hiking; but we are still tough and outdoorsy.

Linda had been out hiking in her area in the Niagara Peninsula on Monday where she had experienced a significant amount of mud.  So when it rained for several days last week and there were massive ‘lakes’ in the fields around my house, we decided to give the trail and extra day to dry out and only hike on Sunday.  But in making that decision, we also altered our original hiking route/location.   It was in selecting an alternate, slightly more southern route that we realized that there was a section between 2 sections we had already hiked in which we needed to do 2 days of about 18-19 km or else we would end up with some short little chuck of say 4 km that needed to be done.  So we decided that one long 18 km plus day was do able.

And it was doable.  But not without some moments in the middle where we questioned our decisions.  Between km 9 and 13 ish there was a lot of mud, which meant going wide off the trail and/or slipping along.  Interestingly enough, between km 9 and 13 was also where we encountered the ice fields.  While wading through the mud fields, a spry (and surprisingly clean) older man warned us of the “ice fields” up ahead.

Slowly making our way through the mud, led to a game of “would you rather”… Would you rather have mud or bugs.  Even with all the mud, I think we are still thinking mud is better than bugs.

It was the first warm spring day and our route took us through Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve, which given the weather was full of people.  This was also where there was the most mud and ice.  We would not recommend you hike there in early spring.  We saw dogs, a variety of hikers (some clearly not with proper hiking attire), adults, children, and shared many a “beautiful day” comments as we passed each other.  It was around this time we were wishing we had signs to tell people we had started at 9 in the morning and already come 12 kilometres.  It was also in this section that we encountered not 1, not 2, but 3 different people “running” on the trail.  Now I have recently begun to love running, but running up hills and down, on muddy and icing paths, over rocks and roots, just doesn’t seem like fun.  Luck for us we didn’t “know” any of the runners and so could maintain our status of being the ‘toughest and most outdoorsy people we know”

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