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How far did we go???

April 14, 2015

This year as we hike the Bruce Trail we are using the Bruce Trail App.  The App is great, and the GPS feature helps you quickly identify when you aren’t exactly on the trail and/or are still going the correct directly.  It also includes information about trail closures and detours, which we never remember to check on-line before we go.   While we thought of ways to enhance the app (such as include the description in the book and have an audio feature that yells at you when you are off the trail or on a side trail), overall we like it.

However, what we learned is that the GPS feature in the app appears to calculate distance traveled based on the “official” distance in the guide book.  We also use other GPS apps when we hike.  On Sunday, we also had the map my run app running on a different phone. The map my run activity setting was “hiking – hills”.  The Bruce Trail app said we traveled a total of 19.4 km, which is the distance we estimated/calculated when we planned the route using the Bruce Trail guide.  The map my run app said we moved almost 23 km.  I know we back tracked and/or veered off the trail a few times, but it is hard to believe that accounts for over 3 km.  In past experience map my run has been pretty accurate when compared to my hand-held gps device or my car odometre.  So I wonder how the Bruce Trail guide and app calculate distance.  And while I may wonder about that, I feel (in my feet, calves, and quads) that we moved closer to 23 km than 19 km.

  1. lindaI permalink

    More than I week later, I am even more sure it was closer to 23km.

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