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stick to the road

April 26, 2015

When given a choice, Linda and I suggest you stick to the road.

I know there are many words of wisdom and insights from people with more life experience that perhaps Linda and I, who will tell you to take the road less traveled, to veer off the well worn path, to forge your own route.  But here’s the thing about the Bruce trail, sometimes the trail isn’t through the woods, it’s just along the road.  And what we have found in our mere 7 days of hiking is that getting off the road onto the “trail” isn’t generally the best choice.

Take our last hiking day as an example.  What appeared to be a brief section of trail winding along just beside the road, turn out to be a section of crawling up boulders that were mossy and snow covered and steep and not at all “one-bending knee friendly”.  And then once we had made our way over these boulders for 20-30 minutes, we hiked along the top of a ridge for maybe 15 minutes, and then had to make our way back down the boulders.  Making our way down the boulders in at least 2 spots had us sitting on our bums and shimmying down.  Had we stayed on the road, I’m pretty sure it would have been a relatively straightforward 1-2 km walk.

And so while I struggle with the fact that sticking to the road would have meant we had done the official Bruce Trail, in these situations I think it’s just that they have only convinced one local farmer to let the trail run through their property.  After hiking 18 or 20 km that day, and by that time close to 7 hours, we didn’t really need to add the extra boulder climbing to our route.  Had this been at the beginning of our hike, we would have only wished we had skipped it by the time we got to the end, questioning ourselves for adding in the extra distance.

And so this is why we say, whether at the beginning or end of your journey, when given the choice of sticking to the road or taking a parallel side trail – Linda and I say “stick to the road”.

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