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More wisdom from Seth….

April 28, 2015

I’m not sure if you readers think I’m cheating when I post things that Seth wrote, I must admit I kind of do. If one of the points of authoring this blog was to write more, it really is “cheating” to simply share what someone else has written.  But some of what Seth writes is so great that I just want to pass it along.  Now much of what Seth writes, I don’t feel the need to pass along.  So consider this more like me doing you a favour, a favour you didn’t necessarily ask for but we won’t get into that.  I read Seth’s blog every day, most days I just sort it into a “Seth Godin” folder in my inbox.  But some days, when what he has to say just needs to be shared, I post his wisdom on my blog.  I’ll continue to let you know that Seth is the author and not myself.  That way if you would rather save your time and only read “Megan originals”, you can make an informed decision.  And with that I bring you – more wisdom from Seth…

Why not?

If technology gives you the chance to speak up, build a platform and help show the way, why not use it?

If someone offers you a project or a job with more leverage and the chance to both learn and teach, why not take it?

If you can learn something new, more efficiently than ever before, if the opportunity to leap presents itself, why not?

Now is a good time.


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