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who would you call

May 6, 2015

This morning around the breakfast table of some people we know, there was a discussion that included the question “who would you call if you were arrested?”  It’s a great question!  Have you ever given it any thought?

It reminded me of a question I asked my then teenage cousin, several years ago when she was going to be home alone and have “a few friends over”.  My question to her was “who are you going to call when the party gets out of hand and people you don’t know show up?”.

There are great questions whatever your age.  Different situations likely result in different answers and perhaps the questions and answers change as we move through different stages of life.  But it’s always great to consider your answers.

And really… who are you going to call if you get arrested?  And why?

I do so wish some of you share you answers using the comments feature of wordpress, I sense your answers would bring a smile to many a face.

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  1. Darolyn permalink

    When Keaton was born…I told him I was the Auntie he should call on if ever he is in the back of a police car :). I probably should have told Camden that as well, maybe even more so! I am interested in who YOU would call!

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