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Hiking Days 8 & 9 – Dufferin Hi-Land

May 8, 2015


It was a beautiful couple of days for hiking.  I don’t think we were expecting 30 degree weather in early May.  That said, we were happier in the warm sunshine than we would have been in cold or rain.  And overall we still were bug free (a bonus we know won’t last for long).

We began hiking were we finished off last July 1st.  As we parked the car we we remembered our Canada Day tatoos with fondness.  We did about 14 km both days and have decided this is a good distance for us.  At the end of 14-15 km, we were happy to see the car but not feeling like we couldn’t go a step farther.

In general it was a pretty nice section to hike.  There was a long “road” section, but I’m not sure “no winter maintenance” roads totally count.  They sure don’t when you drive your little car down them and have to take care not to scrape the bottom on the frost ruts.  We added a bit of car driving adventure to the end of the day on Thursday.  We thought it would be good to find the next days stop and also check out the geography of page 21.  We recently discovered that page 21 in the Bruce Trail Book had a lot of kilometres of trail and not so many parking spots.  But we did a drive around and have picked the spot to make our own parking spot when we get to that page.

Unlike the last time when we hiked on a beautiful Sunday, we encountered only a few other hikers while passing through the Boyne Valley Provincial Park, including a group of 3 women who had a long their dog and 2 infants.  Yep you heard me right, infants.  Upon question we learned the little one was 7 weeks old.  So I think that means Tricia and Silas will be joining us on May 23 – as he will be about 7 weeks old by then…..  Actually we kind of thought they were a bit crazy.  We decided that if we were off on maternity leave and wanting to get out to enjoy a beautiful May afternoon, we would find a patio to sit on with our babies, not hike into the woods.

We were north east of Shelburne and the area is full of hills and valleys and rivers and steep curve roads.  It’s also very beautiful.  On Thursday at noon when we started hiking there were no trilliums to be seen (they were still closed), but by this morning the bush was covered in them.  This too was beautiful.  The streams were cool but not freezing when I seized the opportunity to stick my feet in at one point.  There were look out points and benches, and random letter “G”s on a trees.  We learned about Gert, Chris Walker, the crevices corner, and walked along fence lines, and past the Pine River fishing area (where there were actually people fishing), and apparently traveled on “rough” trail (at least that is what the sign said) that wasn’t very rough at all.

We tried out a bed and breakfast last night and despite the weak shower pressure in this very old house on a modern farm, we enjoyed our stay.  This morning when Stephen said he would make us whatever we wanted for breakfast, has us thinking that B&B’s are they way to go.  Unfortunately Stephen set a really high standard and may have spoiled us for any future B&B.

It was a great 2 day hiking trip.  We are feeling like we have the hang of this “hiking the Bruce Trail” thing.  At this point we have hiked on 9 different days, traveled a total of 121.9 km, and completed 5 out of 42 pages in the Bruce Trail guide.   We are impressed (we are saying it in case nobody else does). 🙂

Photos are below and I also updated the Hiking Progress page and the Future Hiking Dates page.






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