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Day 10 – 135 KM and 6 pages completed

May 24, 2015

Yesterday was day 10 of hiking the Bruce Trail.  It was another fantastic day!  The sun was shining, there was a bit of a breeze, it wasn’t too hot, and aside from one “horrible” bug section the bugs weren’t so bad.

Louise (Linda’s sister) joined us for the first time.  It is always nice to have someone new along who we can teach about trail etiquette, share our wisdom of the blazes, and impress with our knowledge.  Louise was a great addition to our team and her ” pleasant surprise” at discovering we were done was in sharp contrast to Linda and I who are usually longing to see the car at the end.

As always there were several highlights from the day.  Within just a few minutes of hiking, I told Louise that it’s often hard to remember the interesting and blog worthy things from the beginning of the hike after 4 hours of hiking, but I’ll do my best.

  • Limehouse Conservation Area just west of Georgetown appears to be a great place to hike for the day.  It has a few cracks and crevices to explore, extra features like a limestone kiln and powder magazine, a babbling creek/river, and loop of trails to be explored.  If you live in southwestern Ontario is a great daytrip/picnic option.
  • the local volunteer fire department/rescue crew (as least that is who we assumed them to be) was practicing their crevice rescue techniques decked out in rock climbing gear and helmets. We chatted a bit highlighting our proper footwear (google recent media coverage in Niagara of rescues due to improper footwear).  Our “responsible hiker” message may have been more convincing if Louise hadn’t been on her phone at that time.
  • We passed what we believed to be a local hiking group and were a bit jealous of the BTC (Bruce Trail Conservancy) badges on their backpacks.  I think we need to get some.
  • The covert bathroom use after being told at a somewhat scary looking Motel that we were not able to use the bathroom but to go to the McDonalds instead.
  • we continue to love the BTC app that quickly tells us when we are on the correct trail or have veered off track.
  • the new footwear has been a success for both of us.
  • Louise’s water backpack was lots of fun – she could have a drink without stopping.

A highlight of the day was meeting Sybil and Rick.  They are from the Ottawa area and also have a goal to hike the entire trail.  They are a bit more ambitious than us in a couple of ways: (1) they are going to do the entire trail in 2 years and (2) they were hiking 26 km yesterday, and we only did 13.  It’s always interesting to meet or read about fellow hikers and their experiences on the trail and approach to getting it done.

All in all it was a great day.  As the title says, it was day 10 of hiking.  We have done a total of 135 km and have finished 6 pages of the guide book.




  1. lindaI permalink

    Was such a great day to be hiking!

  2. Looks really fun! Way to go!

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