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world turtle day

May 24, 2015

One of the benefits of social media is that sometimes you learn about things you would otherwise never have known about.  In this case, yesterday (May 23) someone I follow on Twitter retweeted the following: “Today is World Turtle Day. Is to focus on awareness and conservation. Signs around town. Drive slow when u see them.”  And while I am a bit turtle fan, on most days I would have skimmed over a tweet like this without giving it another thought.  But here is why I also retweeted that message – yesterday while driving home from hiking I saw a turtle on the side of the 401.  I’m happy to report that it was heading back into the ditch and not towards the road.  As I passed it, and registered that the thing moving on the side of the road was in fact a turtle, I thought to myself “I hope he is okay and keeps moving away from traffic”.  And then I got home and read the tweet.  Yesterday may have been the official world turtle day, but maybe every day needs to be turtle day, cause with all the traffic and all the roads, I think they could use special consideration and awareness everyday.  Watch for turtles and slow down when you see them.

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