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it was a hiking day!

July 12, 2015

As noted on the hiking dates page, this summer we are going to hike when it works out and today happened to be one of those days.  Given the forecast for high temperatures and (a few days ago) possible thundershowers in the afternoon, AND the fact that Russell was coming we did a rather short 8.8 km just south of Limehouse.

What the description on page 12 of the Bruce Trail Guide does not say is that 5-6 km of this section is through a swampy area.  At one spot there was even a sign describing the characteristics of the swamp ecosystem. We did not stop to read the sign.  Because if you think about it for a minute, you will know what is associated with the swamp ecosystem…. it’s mosquitoes.

I would consider this to be the worst mosquito hike we have ever had.  There was that section last summer in early June, but it didn’t feel this bad or for this long a distance.  Russell even resorted to the dollarstore bug hats – that he says made all the difference.  Mostly I stuck to using lots of bug spray.  I’m not sure Linda’s natural bug repellent was up to this level of mosquitoes, she has a lot of bites.

The only good thing that came of the bugs is that we covered the 8.8 km and the additional side trail back to the car in record time.  And since the end, was relatively bug free and a wide and easy path, we are summing this up as a good hiking day.


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