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A word about callings and carings from Seth G

July 26, 2015

I read this yesterday and had to re-read it a few times.  It rang so true to me. I’ve never been convinced about the one calling or purpose or holy discontent or whatever you want to call it.  And so on this one I think I agree 100% with Seth.   We need to find something we care about, whatever that is and however much of our life is absorbs (maybe a lot maybe a little) and then do it.

In search of your calling

I don’t think we have a calling.

I do think it’s possible to have a caring.

A calling implies that there’s just one thing for you, just one thing you’re supposed to do. 

What we most need in our lives, though, is something worth doing, worth it because we care.

There are plenty of forces pushing us to not care. Bosses, systems, bureaucracies and the fear of mattering.

None of them are worth sacrificing something as important as caring.


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